MIAMI - PlusUrbia Design’s unique vision to create a parklet out of parking spaces in urban Miami will be unveiled this month. The Miami-based studio’s solution for a low-cost, high-impact urban oasis will open to the public at 10 a.m. Friday September 21 on NE 3rd Avenue and NE 1st Street in Downtown Miami.While legislation to regulate parklets is still being ironed out, the innovative studio brainstormed ways of making a demonstration parklet that didn’t need a permanent location. The studio has designed and built a 70 SF parklet on wheels – a tiny park that fits into no more than two parking spaces.The idea for the Tropical Trailer Park was the winner of the 2016 Miami Foundation Public Space Challenge.The Tropical Trailer Park will move to different locations, many lacking open space, to inspire people to find ways of making their neighborhood more livable. This Do It Yourself method of providing open space where none exists provides a quick solution to areas starved for civic amenities.  “Miami’s lack of open space has an adverse effect on our health and livability. Our studio decided to build a parklet that provides a mobile solution to enhance our streets – a park on wheels - as a gift to our city.”-Juan Mullerat, Principal of PlusUrbia Design  PlusUrbia is known for its urban interventions and advocacy in Miami including the Master Plan of Little Havana, Coconut Grove, the redesign of Calle Ocho and Complete Districts. Looking for more information on the Trailer Park? Follow the link! trailerparklet.com Related articles: The Big Bubble Miami
          PlusUrbia’s Juan Mullerat, APA, will be on an expert panel discussing the Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) Plan -- a bold program of projects to significantly improve mobility in Miami-Dade County. The SMART Plan presentation will take place 2:45 p.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday September 13 at the American Planning Association’s Florida statewide conference.   The SMART Plan’s goal to is provide a world-class transit system that promotes regional economic growth. The initiative includes developing and implementing a vision for transit-oriented developments (TOD) along six rapid transit corridors.   Led by the Miami-Dade Transit Planning Organization (TPO), the land use component of the SMART Plan aims to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of the infrastructure program, and expand mixed-use development options throughout the Miami area. PlusUrbia is providing urban design and land use services for multiple corridors.   PlusUrbia will be at table #36 APA Florida in West Palm Beach Sept. 11-13. Please stop by to renew old friendships or introduce yourself so we can collaborate to create a better built, multimodal and more resilient environment in Florida.     Please follow the link below for more information: http://floridaplanning.org/apaflconf/schedule
PlusUrbia's Juan Mullerat will be a part of a panel discussing redevelopment in the upcoming ULI Florida Summit in Naples, Florida. The panel will focus on approaches to help community leaders understand and support redevelopment efforts in urban areas through urban design and communication through graphics.
PlusUrbia's Juan Mullerat will be speaking at the upcoming EF Global Career Seminar in Miami, a two-day seminar exclusively for EF students. The seminar partners with renowned companies and invites industry professionals to give students a unique opportunity to advance their international career and network with peers and experts.Juan will be speaking on Wednesday, May 30, at 3:45 pm. (Click here for the full Agenda)To register for the event, follow the link below:https://www.ef.com/hub/17/global-career-seminars/Miami/2018/
 [typeform_embed type="embed" url="https://plusurbia.typeform.com/to/T9QU5b"] Please follow this link to provide an email and stay informed about the progress of the project and upcoming meetings.
PlusUrbia’s Juan Mullerat, APA, will present solutions that prove even our densest cities have room to grow without demolition. He will be part of the From Vacancy to Vitality panel presentation at the American Planning Association’s National Planning Conference in New Orleans.The program, featuring examples from PlusUrbia Design’s work in Little Havana along with examples from New Orleans’ Canal Street, -- will take place at 8:30 AM - 10 AM CDT on Tuesday April 24. Professionals attending will learn how new planning approaches can remove regulatory barriers and provide incentives to conserve valuable older buildings and encourage reuse and infill.Mullerat has spoken at the last two APA Florida annual conferences. PlusUrbia has been honored with national, regional and local APA awards, the highest honor in the profession. Please follow the link below for more information:https://www.planning.org/events/nationalconferenceactivity/9140548/
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