upstatebizSC: Article February 24, 2022 Plusurbia, the Miami-based urban design group leading the Greenville Gateway master plan project, this week unveiled a reimagined gateway into downtown. Built on community input gathered over several days, the concepts include pedestrian-friendly pathways and greenspace, restaurants, entertainment, sports, and mixed-use developments. The plan was constructed around six key principles: connect, protect, calibrate, reinvest, enhance, and collaborate. The presentation followed four days of public charrettes and open studio hours, during which residents, elected officials, business leaders, and designers gathered to submit ideas. Plusurbia compiled the input into a set of initial concepts for the area that includes East North Street, the Bon Secours Wellness Arena, the Greenville County Law Enforcement Center, Lavinia Street, East Park Avenue, and the Pettigru Historic District. The project spearheaded by DOM360’s Robert and Jennifer Donovan collected 400 survey responses in addition to the input from the charrettes’ attendees. The designers from Plusurbia will continue to collect input from stakeholders via an online survey on the project website at GatewayGreenville.com. Over the next two months, the group will work closely with the city and county to ensure Plusurbia’s recommendations dovetail with the agencies’ current work. Plusurbia will provide recommendations to the City of Greenville by May with the goal of creating a report of stakeholders’ visions and desires for the area that can help guide decision-making for the Greenville Gateway’s future.
WPTV: Article  October 27, 2021 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Nora is the name of a comprehensive master plan for a neighborhood in West Palm Beach located south of Palm Beach Lakes Blvd and North of Quadrille Blvd. “Nora is accretive to the smart growth of Downtown West Palm Beach,” says Ned Grace. “As a team deeply rooted in the Palm Beach area, we are witnessing a readiness and desire for a new kind of neighborhood in West Palm Beach’s urban core. The tailwind from the migration of industry leaders from around the country is adding fuel to this new demand, and Nora is the missing piece of West Palm Beach’s Downtown.” “We believe this previously overlooked area of Downtown will become a treasured gem in West Palm Beach. Our responsibility is to work thoughtfully and systematically to ensure the mix of commercial and residential offerings achieves Nora’s potential,” says Joe Furst.
The Plusurbia team participated in this year's Florida APA Conference in Miami as exhibitors, presenters, and award recipients! Two recently completed projects were honored with awards: 2021 Award of Merit           Neighborhood Planning Category Wynwood Norte Community Vision Plan   Recipients: City of Miami Wynwood Community Enhancement Association PlusUrbia Design   2021 Award of Merit             Grassroots Initiative Category Shenandoah Historic Properties Inventory     Recipients: Dade Heritage Trust PlusUrbia Design   Please see additional photos from the conference below:  
Plusurbia's Andrew Georgiadis shares our experience with reforming cities through zoning reform in the prestigious urban design publication and podcast platform Somos Cidade. Read more about how we use planning instruments to achieve human-scale cities (in Portuguese) below: Já comum na realidade dos Estados Unidos, o Planned Unit Development (PUD) é visto como uma possibilidade para promover e acelerar mudanças pontuais na malha urbana de municípios do Brasil, criando espaços mais qualificados e diversificados. O instrumento é utilizado naquele país por incorporadores e desenvolvedores imobiliários para propor a modificação do zoneamento existente de lotes ou de grandes terrenos em determinados lugares. A partir desse modelo, é possível solicitar aos governos locais alterações na legislação de uma área para o uso misto do solo, implementação de empreendimentos – como bairros planejados –, melhorias na infraestrutura de uma região e ainda para aperfeiçoar ou introduzir ambientes públicos. “O PUD é empregado para aprovar um tipo de projeto que não cabe bem no zoneamento das prefeituras”, afirmou o arquiteto Andrew Georgiadis, em entrevista ao Somos Cidade. Andrew é diretor de Projetos do escritório PlusUrbia Design, com sede em Miami (EUA), e também professor da faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Miami e presidente da Georgiadis Urban Design. To keep reading, click here.
Juan Mullerat will participate in the 12th Greencities & S-Moving 2021 Forum in Málaga, Spain, on September 29th. Juan's presentation will contribute to the Urban Intelligence Room presentation, under "Success stories in research, innovation and local entrepreneurship" section of the conference.     Per the conference website, Greencities & S-Moving 2021 is the place that brings together the leading prescribers in the field of urban management and mobility of the future.   For more information, visit greencitiesmalaga.com.   Follow updates on Twitter: twitter.com/https://twitter.com/forogreencities   For the complete program, visit: https://greencities.fycma.com/programa/?lang=en     
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