Songhua Lake Ski Resort Wins Kinpan Design Award

November 30, 2015

PlusUrbia Design has been honored with the 10th annual KINPAN award as the architectural design team for the Songhua Lake Ski Resort. The Coconut Grove-based studio was the designer of the development named Best Resort and Most Popular Resort Award in China.


Organized by Times House magazine and The Architectural Society of China’s Habitat Environment Committee, the Kinpan Awards are among the most influential property design award programs in China. Projects are selected based on quality, aesthetics, habitat environment and value.

From the Plaque:

The 10th Annual KINPAN award (one of the biggest awards in China for real estate development field)

Songhua Lake Ski Resort won Best Resort, Most Popular Resort Award in China.
Annual Best Resort in China

Development Team: Jilin Songhua international ski resort development company

Architecture Design Team: Plusurbia Design in U.S.

Construction Document Team: Jilin Architecture construction college architecture firm

Landscape Design Team:  Designworkshop Inc in U.S.

Construction Document for Landscape Team: Tianjin Boya landscape design firm

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