Poinciana Station
Miami, FL

Project Type: Urban design, Mobility,
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Poinciana Station TOD

Project Type: Transit-Oriented Development
Project Status: Completed | June 2021
Dates: October 2021 – December 2021
Site Area: 14.5 acres
Team: Plusurbia Design
Client: 79th Street Corridor Neighborhood Initiative

Miami faces a challenge in supplying affordable housing and creating location-efficient places. Transit Oriented Developments (TODs) are walkable, mixed-use development patterns located near transit; TOD studies are conducted to transform communities into places that provide safe mobility, housing opportunities, and neighborhood amenities. High-performing TODs must be specially tailored to the context of existing communities and provide optimal intensity and density within a quarter-mile of transit, gradually decreasing as distance from the transit core increases.

The Poinciana Station Transit Shed has the potential to become a true transit-oriented commuter district, given that a great percentage of the surrounding land is primed for redevelopment. The potential for future transit-oriented development in the project site, in addition to the land identified for investment, will certainly bring many positive changes to the neighborhood.

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