Panama Mobility

Project Type: Urban design, Mobility,
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Panama Mobility

Project Type: Mobility Assessment
Project Status: Completed
Dates: August 2023
Site Area: N/A
Team: Plusurbia Design + WeArchitects + Colectivo 270
Client: IDB – InterAmerican Development Bank

Integrating e-mobility and Transportation Infrastructure Resilience for Panama City. 

Plusurbia Design, along with WeArchitects and Colectivo 270 were invited to conduct a mobility assessment for the InterAmerican Development Bank in Panama City. This project is focused on researching how e-mobility can be integrated into the current transportation infrastructure and increase its resilience. The team conducted field visits, research workshops, and stakeholder meetings in 2023, and concluded the project with a comprehensive report that outlines recommendations for the use of e-mobility as part of urban resilience in Panama City.

These recommendations include changes in vehicular circulation, design standards, policy, and a variety of infrastructure investments. The team plans to prepare an implementation plan based on these suggestions that will serve as further guidance for the IDB’s efforts to improve urban mobility in Panama, as a second phase.

The team’s research was focused on identifying key trends and opportunities related to pedestrian access and e-mobility in Panama City, including safe access for pedestrians, bikes and electric vehicles (EVs), charging infrastructure, public transport integration, and more. The findings were used to design a series of action steps to promote and incentivize the adoption of electric vehicles, expand charging infrastructure, and leverage technology to improve urban mobility.


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