Klaksvik City Center Competition


fast growth – no center

Klaksvik – a town rich in cultural heritage, natural resources, and history – is experiencing an increasing need for a center that re-defines Klaksvik as an important enclave true to its history and culture, while enhancing its seafaring legacy rebranding itself as a forward thinking town that becomes an iconic anchor for the Faroe Islands.


nexus building – the natural evolution. 


This proposal seamlessly extends the existing fabric of Klaksvik while introducing new building typologies based on those found in other Faroese cities. The intervention creates a well-defined urban center that incorporates the highest values and enhances community life. The creation of a well choreographed sequence of spaces and buildings weave civic, residential and commercial uses into a rich assembly that is designed to house a variety of venues: from the casual visit to music and movie festivals.


The design responds to climatic and environmental concerns in order to maintain the center active throughout the year. Site and climate-responsive building frontages, streets and courts are planned as intimate public spaces that can be enjoyed during the summer months. In addition, a secondary mobility system of continuous enclosed galleries and operable arcades is intended to provide a sheltered, walkable environment during the wintertime.

Building volumes and heights are designed to enhance views and maximize sunlight exposure based on the low sun angles. Similarly, the interlocking building blocks’ orientation and placement shelters the intervention from prevailing winds by interrupting their natural path, thus protecting the center from strong, direct ocean winds.


New Klaksvik Center becomes the new nexus of the city that makes use of the natural placement, commercial uses and civic venues to create a vibrant enclave organized around the main element that makes Faroese culture, life and history special: a continuous and direct relationship to water and to the surrounding landscape.


Compactedness | Densification | Tradition | Water Ways | Diversity + Interest | Choreographed Views | Memorable Places | Wind-Walls | Summer/Winter Mobility

In collaboration with Castillo Arquitectos